Update: May 2014 - Now in stock! BR160, 163, including NEW cutaway and adirondack models! 

We are now in stock! 

We have the very in demand BR160 and 163 in stock, as well as cutaway versions for both models. Many of you have asked for the BR160 with adirondack top, and we are happy to share that this is also available! 

We are now at a new showroom in SS2, Petaling Jaya. Please PM me for any questions and to arrange for viewing/testing the guitars. As before, we do not operate the showroom full time so weekends are best. No staff overheads = savings to you. 

We feel bad about keeping you waiting and we are pleased to offer a discount to you. Please contact me at 
 for price. 

BR160 and BR163 - RM2,X50 (original price RM3,100)
BR160 and BR163 Cutaway - RM2,X50 (original price RM3,250)

The BR160 is also available in Adirondack, but we have very very limited units available. 

Why Blueridge? 

Blueridge have taken the world by storm with their authentic vintage style dreadnought and auditorium guitars. Guitar magazines have given rave reviews on Blueridge guitars with the astonishing quality at this price level. This is why we are very pleased to bring Blueridge guitars to you in MALAYSIA.

One look at any of our Blueridge guitars will tell you that the craftsmanship, style and quality of the vintage-guitar era are still alive and plainly evident in every guitar. The intricate pearl inlays, the careful workmanship and professional tone quality of each Blueridge ensure these fine guitars are the benchmarks of quality and affordability today.

The quality of these amazingly-built guitars rival those of top American brands. At a fraction of the price of a "M" or "T", you will shake your head in disbelief

We are now at SS2! 

Our showroom is now at SS2!  Feel free to drop us an email at info@erniemusic.com for enquiries. 

Blueridge on

A famous Beatle fooling around with a Blueridge Historic BR 160

Great review of the 12-fret OOO Blueridge Contemporary BR72

 "Simply Astonishing value with nothing coming close for that money"

"Blueridge is setting a new, higher benchmark of qua
lity for Chinese acoustics!"

"These affordable Chinese-made flat-tops are well made, and they play and sound quite amazing for the money."

"5/5 on value for money!" 

"The Blueridge range leave the competition standing"

"Well below the price of some familiar makes that don't sound half as good"